AIDA Design x Innovation x 30 = The King of HX

Sitting at the top of the throne of next-gen AIDA NDI HX3 cameras is the pinnacle of our innovation, the UHD-NDI3-X30. Assisting the camera is a 4K 30X optical zoom module, capable of capturing video clearly up to 50M, or 150ft. From Crystal-Clear HX 3 1080p to Majestic HX 2160p, capture every detail and steal the show using the cameras autofocusing ability! 

The UHD-NDI3-X30 is the ultimate one-man-army for limitless creation!

HX3 - The Golden Ratio is HX

The UHD-NDI3-X30 brings crispy Full-HD video to life by allowing the NDI® stream to run at up to 60mb/s (4x the bitrate of NDI®|HX.) This of course leads to better visual quality, and lowered latency all around, better than HX or a HD sensor can handle!

Prepacked, and ready to go!

The UHD-NDI3-X30 is ready out the box, just like any one-man-army would be!

AIDA's Next Generation 4K Cameras!

The UHD-NDI3-X30 brings the next gen POV 2160p resolutions to NDI HX, as well as the newer 1080p HX3.

Currently, NDI® HX3 standard for 4K hasn’t been set, so it is recommended to run 4K in NDI® HX.

UHD-NDI3-X30 Quick Specs:


NDI HX3 Camera

UHD Streaming

2160p, 1080p, 1080i & 720p

30X Optical Zoom

FL: 7mm~214mm

HFOV: 59° ~ 2°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX & HDMI Streaming

UHD-NDI3-300 Spec Sheet

Best thing since sliced bread

With a 4K 30X lens module, you are able to output crystal clear video via 2160p HX or HDMI, or 1080p HX 3. It really can’t get any better than that!

Never miss a detail

30X optical zoom is capable of capturing video up to 150ft, or 50m. That’s enough to capture perfect video from REALLY far away!

Simply Outputs

With a simple backend, get simultaneous HDMI and NDI HX or HX 3, all while powering the camera!

Big Toy - Big Mount

The mounting solution is still a standard 1/4″ 20 mount, however its put in the center of the big guy to ensure equal weight distribution on any mount!

Bet you didnt see PoE+ comin

Since the camera is natively PoE+ capable, couple this with a PoE+ switch for maximum efficiency in cabling, getting power, video and control via 1 cable!

Hardened Aluminum Goodness

The UHD-NDI3-X30 has that same formulaic armor AIDA is known for, acting as a great protector against dings, scratches, and heat!


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