AIDA Design x Innovation x 30 = The King of HX

Sitting at the top of the throne of next-gen AIDA NDI HX3 cameras is the pinnacle of our innovation, the UHD-NDI3-X30. Assisting the camera is a 4K 30X optical zoom module, capable of capturing video clearly up to 50M, or 150ft. From Crystal-Clear HX 3 1080p to Majestic HX 2160p, capture every detail and steal the show using the cameras autofocusing ability! 

The UHD-NDI3-X30 is the ultimate one-man-army for limitless creation!

HX3 - The Golden Ratio is HX

The UHD-NDI3-X30 brings crispy Full-HD video to life by allowing the NDI® stream to run at up to 60mb/s (4x the bitrate of NDI®|HX.) This of course leads to better visual quality, and lowered latency all around, better than HX or a HD sensor can handle!

Prepacked, and ready to go!

The UHD-NDI3-X30 is ready out the box, just like any one-man-army would be!

AIDA's Next Generation 4K Cameras!

The UHD-NDI3-X30 brings the next gen POV 2160p resolutions to NDI HX, as well as the newer 1080p HX3.

The video displayed is not and should not be portrayed as actual footage from the camera. If you are looking for live video footage of the camera, please scroll to the “learn more” where video footage will be posted and labeled properly.

UHD-NDI3-X30 Quick Specs:


NDI HX3 Camera

UHD Streaming

2160p, 1080p, 1080i & 720p

30X Optical Zoom

FL: 7mm~214mm

HFOV: 59° ~ 2°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX & HDMI Streaming

UHD-NDI3-300 Spec Sheet

Best thing since sliced bread

With a 4K 30X lens module, you are able to output crystal clear video via 2160p HX or HDMI, or 1080p HX 3. It really can’t get any better than that!

Never miss a detail

30X optical zoom is capable of capturing video up to 150ft, or 50m. That’s enough to capture perfect video from REALLY far away!

Simply Outputs

With a simple backend, get simultaneous HDMI and NDI HX or HX 3, all while powering the camera!

Big Toy - Big Mount

The mounting solution is still a standard 1/4″ 20 mount, however its put in the center of the big guy to ensure equal weight distribution on any mount!

Bet you didnt see PoE+ comin

Since the camera is natively PoE+ capable, couple this with a PoE+ switch for maximum efficiency in cabling, getting power, video and control via 1 cable!

Hardened Aluminum Goodness

The UHD-NDI3-X30 has that same formulaic armor AIDA is known for, acting as a great protector against dings, scratches, and heat!


Learn More about the UHD-NDI3-X30

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