SDI-IPC Series

SDI-IPC Series

When Old Tech Meets New!

Against all odds, SDI infrastructure has remained prevalent in todays broadcasting industry. With the reliability of 3G-SDI wiring, uncompressed video quality, and low latency video processing, SDI has come a long way to where it is now. So why not show it some love with an update? The SDI-IPC series aims to help upgrade existing POV SDI dedicated workflows with quality Sony CMOS Imaging Sensors, versatile form factors, and ease-of-use VISCA over IP communication. With the simple addition of VISCA over IP, you can say goodbye serial wiring, meaning you can get video, control and power over just 2 cables!.. (but don’t worry, it still has RS485 if you need it!)

Sometimes the older generations get it right – just need to add some millennial spice to it! ✨

Versatile Form Factors

Each SDI-IPC series cameras achieves different purposes and form factors – so choosing the right one is key to streaming excellence!

PoE+ Injectable

Each purchase of a SDI-IPC model comes with a PoE+ injector dongle, allowing you to inject power and control over through a PoE+ router.

SDI IPC Series Quick Specs


3G-SDI output only

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i, 720p

Equipped Lens

Different lens choices

Line in Audio

Synced SDI streaming

SDI-IPC Series Spec Sheet

SDI-IPC Comparison Table

Sensor Size:
1/3" Sony Progressive CMOS Sensor
Resolution Output
Up to 1080p 60fps via 3G-SDI
4mm CS-Mount Lens
4mm CS-Mount Lens
3.6mm M12-Mount Lens
Custom 5-50mm Telephoto Lens
Horizontal FOV
80° HFOV
80° HFOV
92° HFOV
55~6° (W/T) HFOV
Interchangeable Optics
✔ (as long as it fits inside cap)
✔ (as long as it fits inside cap)
Audio Embedment
✔ (IP67 rated)
✔ (IP67 rated)
✔ (IP54 rated)

The Gold Standard

Each SDI-IPC camera comes with a 3G-SDI output. With full and drop frames accessible, each camera fulfills the SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424M requirements with ease.

Leading the New Generation

With an IP address, each camera is capable of speaking VISCA over IP. No need to run serial cables anymore! (unless you really want to…)

Also available is our free software to control these cameras (as well as other AIDA products). It is only available on the Microsoft store for now – search for AIDA CCS-IPC!

Almost Endless Optics Possibilities!

All cameras besides the HD3G-IPC-TF have interchangeable optics, whether it be CS or M12 mount! The HD3G-IPC-100A has unlimited freedom in terms of CS-mount lenses, while the MINI and IP67 model are limited by the WP Cap!

Flexible Mounting Options

The SDI-IPC series can easily be hangable by a top or bottom 1/4 20″ mounting hole – allowing for ease of placement wherever you need it.



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