Reimagine Streaming in 4K, AIDA Style

With the rise of 4K being the new streaming standard, we introduce the PTZ4K-NDI-X30. This powerful PTZ camera can output 4K60p through NDI®|HX, HDMI, USB 3.0, and IP formats. Coming in with a line level audio for total embedment over all protocols, this camera is truly one of our masterpieces!

The future of streaming has arrived. Don’t miss out!

No-Hassle Integration

Never input NDI®|HX codes when you purchase our PTZ’s! They come preinstalled!

Stable, Silent, and Deadly

The PTZ4K-NDI-X30 is supported by a gorgeous double arm that allows for AIDA’s unparalleled motion mechanism to stay silent! 

Auto-Tracking Enabled!

This PTZ is capable of automatically tracking a target on stage without the use of additional equipment! Track your talent through our A.I. Facial Algorithm for effortless movement tracking. Learn more below!

*If you already own a PTZ4K-NDI-X30, click the learn more to get the upgrade!

PTZ4K-NDI-X30 Quick Specs:


NDI 5 capable camera

4K60p Streaming

2160p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p

30x Zoom

4K 30x Optical Zoom

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX streaming

PTZ4K-NDI-X30 Spec Sheet

4K Imaging, Meet AIDA Imaging

The PTZ4K-NDI-X30 comes packed with a 4K Sony CMOS sensor, able to capture gorgeous 4K Imaging in any lighting scenario. You may never see Full-HD imaging the same!

Stay in Control, Always

This PTZ is no stranger to communication, boasting SONY VISCA over RS232, VISCA over IP, NDI®, included IR remote, and web UI Control.

Almost like a Bird's Eye View

With a 4K 30x Optical Zoom module, you can capture imaging up to 150ft/30m. That’s so far you may need a spotting scope to see your production!

Never Forget, PoE+

To be honest, after using PoE+ you can never go back to DC12V.. (Unless you really have to) So enjoy 1 cable setups!

Outputs Galore

It isn’t an AIDA PTZ camera without simultaneous outputs! Enjoy HDMI, NDI®|HX, and USB at the same time!*

Disclaimer: At 4K60P, only NDI®|HX/IP and HDMI, or USB and HDMI can output simultaneously.

Two is Better than One

The PTZ4K-NDI-X30 comes with a black and white option, matching any aesthetic you throw at it!


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