Witness the power of NDI®|HX3, AIDA style

NDI® HX is one of the most prominent, rising technologies seen in broadcast workflows all over the world. Through the recent months, advancement on the HX protocol has lead to Newtek’s beloved protocol getting a serious upgrade.. NDI HX3. HX3 introduces a faster, visually lossless alternative that rivals even Full-Bandwidth NDI® without the hardware. That means less latency, better quality, and more savings on any workflow!

Taking our popular X20 solution, we tweaked our formula to deliver the best NDI® HX3 experience one can have. With the power to display Full-HD video at 120 frames, trust us, this camera will change the NDI® HX game for good. 


The PTZ-NDI3-X20 is pushed to its limits with HX3 by allowing the NDI® stream to run at up to 60mb/s(4x the bitrate of NDI® HX.) This of course leads to better visual quality, and lowered latency all around! 

No-Hassle Integration

As always, the PTZ-NDI3-X20 comes pre-loaded with its NDI HX3 license key. The camera is also NDI HX3 certified by Newtek!

NDI® HX's first 120fps capable camera

Looking to enhance your slow-motion replays? With the PTZ-NDI3-X20, take in live 120FPS video via NDI® HX or HDMI and slow it down with your favorite replay software to get those incredible slow motion shots!

The video displayed is not and should not be portrayed as actual footage from the camera. If you are looking for live video footage of the camera, please scroll to the “learn more” where video footage will be posted and labeled properly.

Auto-Tracking Enabled!

This PTZ is capable of automatically tracking a target on stage without the use of additional equipment! Track your talent through our A.I. Facial Algorithm for effortless movement tracking. Learn more below!

*If you already own a PTZ-NDI3-X20, click the learn more to get the upgrade!

PoE+ Capable

As always, PoE+ is the standard when using any AIDA IP camera. Just plug in a cat-5 cable connected to a PoE+ capable switch, and you got power, video and control over 1 cable!

PTZ-NDI3-X20 Quick Specs:


Up to 120fps NDI®|HX

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i and 720p

20x Optical Zoom

Focal Length: 5.2~98mm

FOV: 57° (wide) ~ 3.3° (tele)

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX Streaming

PTZ-NDI3-X20 Spec Sheet

Tally Light Integration

The PTZ-NDI3-X20 comes with the same Tally found on our other PTZ’s, making it discreet and easy for talents to follow!

(Un)limited Ways to Control

The PTZ comes standard with a physical remote, web UI control, as well as SONY VISCA, VISCA OVER IP, and NDI control. You will never run out of ways to move this camera!

Get Up Close and Personal

The PTZ comes loaded with a 20x Optical zoom, which allows for a wide FOV of 60°, to a zoomed in 4°. No quality lost here!

The PTZ That Keeps Giving

This PTZ is capable of running NDI HX3, SDI, IP and HDMI streams simultaneously, making this the ultimate streaming machine.

Curvy in all the right places

Its sleep curvy design makes it a classy placeable camera, fit for any application!

Twice the fun!

The PTZ-NDI3-X20 comes in either black or white, matching any aesthetic seamlessly! 


Learn More about the PTZ-NDI3-X20

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