AIDA's World Renowned


The winning formula to enhancing streaming quality, viewership, and retention. With an AIDA POV camera, you can expect nothing but the best, no matter the field its used in.

Upgrade your workflow with our tried-and-trusted Essential Series. These cameras have proved themselves in the field for over 6+ years with versatility, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Our newest series introduces familiar form-factor Full-HD 3G-SDI solutions, utilizing a new feature; VISCA OVER IP! In its wake is a new era of IP controllable solutions for easier, and more robust hybrid settings, all without breaking the bank.

Change any workflow with our famous NDI® POV solutions, featuring some of the smallest cameras using NDI® HX. These do best in multi-camera workflows, needing far-less bandwidth compared to NDI® HX3 & Full Bandwidth NDI®, without sacrificing budget and quality.

NDI® HX3 breaks HX boundaries by increasing quality, decreasing latency, all while at a fraction of the cost as Full Bandwidth NDI®. If you are looking to upgrade your NDI® HX stream without breaking your network or wallet, HX3 is the perfect middle-ground!

*For supreme quality, NDI® HX3 standards are enforced from NDI® - so our solutions in HX3 mode only support 1080 50, and 60fps. All HX3 products have been certified by NDI®.

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