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What is NDI?

NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks. NDI allows video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit, and receive multiple streams of broadcast-quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time.

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From PTZ's to POV cameras, AIDA has your NDI® workflow covered. Click to learn more about NDI® and its features!

With advancements in NDI® comes a new protocol...

Introducing NDI HX3, the new way to stream NDI®!

HX3 is the Golden Ratio for NDI®, providing Low Bandwidth, but High quality streaming solutions to any workflow! It's the most efficient format by NDI yet, enabling seamless connectivity even in extreme contexts.

With this announcement we are proud to bring you the all new HX3 technology in a dedicated lineup just for those cameras! Stay tuned for more info.

  • NDI®|HX(2)
  • NDI®|HX3
  • NDI® (High Bandwidth)
NDI® Comparison NDI®|HX(2)NDI®|HX3NDI® (High Bandwidth)
NDI® Comparison
Max Data Rate~16 Mbit/s60 Mbit/s100 Mbit/s
CompressionH.264,H.265H.264,H.265NDI Codec
Latency~90 milliseconds~80 milliseconds<~80 milliseconds
Requires FPGA
Max Resolutions / FramerateUHD, infinite (camera dep)UHD, up to 60p onlyUHD, infinite (camera dep)
Overall QualityGoodGreatBest
Recommended UseLow Budget, Large Multicamera productionsThe Golden Ratio for HX, Upgrading IP workflows with gigabit networkFor highest quality streaming, professional networking infrastructures
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*Please note information is likely to change based off of NDI® standards. Also note that all stats above can be obtained under ideal conditions. Please check out for more info on the requirements to run NDI and its sibling protocols.

NDI® Compatible Cameras

All our NDI® Cameras come preloaded with the license, so no need to buy or input any keys!

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