The best livestreaming POV high-frame capture camera to date!

The HD-NDI3-120 transcends the boundaries of what was possible into a new realm of infinite possibilities. This camera stands as one of the pioneers that boasts capturing up to 120fps at a stunning 1080p resolution through both NDI HX and HDMI. With this impressive frame rate, you have the freedom to slow down live footage, capturing each moment frame by frame, resulting in awe-inspiring slow-motion sequences that will elevate your live-stream. Furthermore, this camera introduces a new style as our first NDI HX3 POV camera in the market, delivering our trusted AIDA form factor and an unparalleled user experience that truly sets the HD-NDI3-120 apart.


The HD-NDI3-120 is pushed to its limits with HX3 by allowing the NDI® stream to run at up to 60mb/s (4x the bitrate of NDI®|HX.) This of course leads to better visual quality, and lowered latency all around! 

No-Hassle Integration

As always, the HD-NDI3-120 comes pre-loaded with its NDI|HX3 license key. Less time typing IlIllI, and more time streaming your dreams!

NDI® HX's first 120fps capable camera series!

Just like the PTZ-NDI3-X20, our HD-NDI3-120 also is capable of 120 fps capture at 1080p via HDMI, or NDI HX!

The video displayed is not and should not be portrayed as actual footage from the camera. If you are looking for live video footage of the camera, please scroll to the “learn more” where video footage will be posted and labeled properly.

HD-NDI3-120 Quick Specs:


NDI®|HX3 Camera

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i and 720p

4mm CS Mount Lens

HFOV: 80°

Line in Audio

Synced NDI|HX Streaming

HD-NDI3-120 Spec Sheet

Tally Light Integration

Located on the front of the HD-NDI3-120 is a small tally light to let your talent know when the camera is hot!

Talk VISCA to me

The HD-NDI3-120 uses VISCA over IP to communicate its commands, making it easily accessible whenever, wherever!

AIDA Cabling 2.0

With a small revision, the new HD-NDI3-120 series will come with the connector pigtail firmly attached! No more bent pins!

All the outputs!

The HD-NDI3-120 is capable of running HX3(or HX), RTSP, RTMP, SRT, and HDMI all simultaneously, per usual!

1 Cable to Rule them all

With the ability to run power, control and video over one ethernet cable, you will never have to use a wall plug again.

Double Trouble!

With a 1/4″ 20 mounting hole on the top and bottom, the possibilities are endless on mounting the camera!


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