The smallest NDI HX lipstick Camera to date!

It really doesn’t get any smaller then this. Introducing the most discreet, NDI HX camera AIDA has to offer. With its weatherproof barrel design, the HD-NDI-MINI is well protected against dust and moisture. Packed with a progressive CMOS sensor, this little camera can output 1080 60p video through your standard IP protocols, SRT, and most importantly, NDI HX. With a tripod mount located on the bottom of the camera, there is no place the MINI can’t go.

Pucker up, its showtime!

No-Hassle Integration

Of course the HD-NDI-MINI comes pre-loaded with its NDI HX license key. Would it be any different?

Weatherproof Protected

The camera’s rated IP67, which allows it to be free from dust and moisture. You can even submerge the camera up to 1M for up to 30 minutes.

10ft Weatherpoof I/O cable

Just like its brother, the HD-NDI-MINI comes with a well protected 10ft/3m weatherproof cable, protecting its wires vigilantly. 

Simultaneous IP Streaming

As always, simultaneously streaming of NDI® HX, SRT, RTSP and RTMP is a given.  That’s just the way the MINI rolls.

HD-NDI-MINI Quick Specs


NDI 5 Capable Camera

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i and 720p

10ft I/O Cable

12VDC, RJ45 & USB(settings)

IP67 Rated

Dust and Moisture Free

HD-NDI-MINI Spec Sheet:

M12 Mount Accessibility

The MINI comes equipped with a M12 lens for the smallest form factor possible. And yes, its interchangeable.*

Operable lenses are dependent on size and focal length. Not all lenses will work.*

Full Control from a Distance

Full control the camera from the safety of of the outdoors utilizing the Web UI, or VISCA over IP.

Tiny, but Mighty

Don’t let the MINI’s size fool you. Equipped with our world renowned aircraft grade aluminum shell, you can rest easy at night know this camera is fully protected against almost anything thrown at it.

PoE+ Adaptable

Each purchase of the HD-NDI-MINI comes with a PoE+ adapter, allowing you to run 1 cable for video, power and control!


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