Making NDI|HX just as adventurous

Streaming shouldn’t have to be confined indoors when there’s a whole world out there to enjoy! Introducing the HD-NDI-IP67, being the first of its kind for POV NDI|HX streaming cameras. The Camera features a progressive CMOS sensor, capturing unwavering 1080 60p video over NDI|HX, SRT, or IP protocols. The IP67 rating keeps the camera internals safe, as well as a 10ft braided weatherproof breakout cable to keep the more sensitive cables out of harms way.  That means peace of mind when handling the cameras outdoors!

So what are you waiting for? Go stream your adventures with NDI|HX!

No-Hassle Integration

As always, the HD-NDI-IP67 comes pre-loaded with its NDI|HX license key. It just makes sense that way.

IP67 rated for any adventure!

The camera’s rated IP67, which allows it to be free from dust and moisture. You can even submerge the camera up to 1M for up to 30 minutes.

10ft Weatherpoof I/O cable

The breakout cable attached to the HD-NDI-IP67 is weatherproof. This cable protects the communication from the camera to its RJ45 and 12VDC connections.

Simultaneous IP Streaming

The camera is capable of simultaneously streaming NDI®|HX, SRT, RTSP and RTMP. We like to think of it as the Swiss-Army knife in the outdoor streaming world.

HD-NDI-IP67 Quick Specs


NDI 5 Capable Camera

FHD Streaming

1080p, 1080i and 720p

10ft I/O Cable

12VDC, RJ45 & USB(settings)

IP67 Rated

Dust and Moisture Free

HD-NDI-IP67 Spec Sheet:

CS Mount Accessibility

The front WP cap is capable of being removed, allowing for versatile lens options to enhance the stream.*

Operable lenses are dependent on size and focal length. Not all lenses will work.*

Full Control over IP

Stay dry by fully controlling all camera functions via the cameras web UI, or VISCA over IP.

Compact, Rugged, and Tough

This camera is no different to our other cameras, coming in a hardened aluminum shell built to extra protect the internals, and cabling of the HD-NDI-IP67

PoE+ Adaptable

Each purchase of the HD-NDI-IP67 comes with a PoE+ adapter, allowing you to run 1 cable for video, power and control!


Learn More about the HD-NDI-IP67

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