Utilize HX3's Full Power!

The gang is all here! The long awaited NDI HX3 series is now available at your nearest AIDA Dealer! Get ahead of the curve and utilize HX 3 to create, upgrade, and capture the streams of YOUR dreams today. 


Experience Newtek’s all new NDI HX3! HX3 offers faster latency, bigger bitrates, and overall better quality through their beloved NDI® protocol. With a touch of AIDA magic, you can get up to 1080 60p on the HX3 protocol, and a staggering 120fps  over the original HX!


Unleash the power of the IPCOMM-POE, our groundbreaking technology capable of injecting PoE+ power into any camera, while wirelessly transmitting IP video or control to your Wi-Fi router’s limits. Power it with a DC12V plug, or run off a NPF-battery for a more mobile arrangement! Experience little to no latency transmission of IP video or IP control, opening up a world of infinite broadcasting possibilities!

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Here at AIDA we combine our extensive knowledge of over 20 years in Camera Manufacturing, with our unwavering team’s innovation to meticulously craft state-of-the-art cameras and converters, raising the bar for exceptional imaging beyond expectations. 

From concept to reality, our relentless engineering of broadcast equipment empowers you to not only “get the shot, and get creative,” but liberate your creativity and inspiration without limits. 

Our ever-changing product line harmonizes effectiveness and efficiency, giving you all the tools to become what we like to call:

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